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others.. includingg u-s representativv gabrielle rest of his life in prissnn prison.loughner pleaa guilty to the shootings and was sentenced to life today.. without parole.the hearing -- ncluding giffords -- could confront loughner in courtther husband spoke on herrbehaaf,, sayinn loughner changed his wife's life forever but couldn't dent her spirit. the army privatt accused of files has offered to plead ggiltyyto some of the ccarges against himm p-f-c bradley manning has beennjailed for pooe thanntwo yeaas, accused of ownloading hundrees of thousands of pages f classified docummnts.... then panding them overrto the plea offer was made duuing a a numbee f charges, including public records. attorney general eric holder... is... uncertain .. if... hh'll... stick around term. holder... students today at the palling this week's election √°historii√°... buu the attorney general--a key position. he waans to talkkitt over with the president and his fammlyybefore making any decisiins. and then really ask myself the puestion about, you knnww do i pnough gs left in interesting and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1